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  1. Radhekrishna….exellent commentary im MRS.S.V.LAXMIPRIYA from south INDIA i always c ure commentary videos travelling country to country for explanation FRIENSHIP with PEOPLE and PEACE ure BLESSED….

  2. My boy is from prague, I fall in love with him when we studied in Ireland, but he doesn't know i like him, 😢😢😢. And now I'm back to China, we don't have any chance to meet each other.😭😭😭

  3. I've visited Prague three times and only now I've seen this video! Better late than never 🙂 Now feeling much more informed and ready for my upcoming fourth visit!

  4. Unfortunately, the commentary is full of ahistorical anti-catholic messages that sound like from some enlightement anti-religious book speaking about "dark times". Didn´t they notice that greatest part of Prague´s heritage was built by people who belonged inside – like emperor Charles VI. (gothic Prague) or architect K. I. Dientzenhofer (baroque Prague)? Even mentioned Jan Hus wanted to reform church and not to create new one… Nonprofessional work.

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