47 Replies to “20 BEAUTIFUL Places To See In Europe”

  1. The person who wrote the script for this should be shot. In addition, the result would have been a lot better if the young lady doing the commentary had spent about 10 minutes learning how to correct the names of these places correctly.

  2. The video shows a travel to Europe, but what a travel? First off all, it`s only a part of Tyrkey that belongs to Europe, the part west of the Bosperus street. I`m an european, and I have never heard of some of the places. How come that Americans have traveled to these places. was it a mistake or what. The people who made this video have mist a lot of things. What about The Rapa Delta in Northern Sweden, The Bergen Railroad in Norway, Kronborg Castle in Denmark " Hamlet- Shakesp – you maybee know. I could continue – you Americans don`t know so much about Europe. Some americans know about the places where they have been as students on low budget travels. It´s nice places the video shows and that is it, but don`t think it`s the places Europeans think is
    the most incredible places worth to se i Europe.

  3. Jesus, learn how to pronounce the places you are featuring. You sound like a complete idiot pronouncing NEWschwanstein instead of NOIschwanstein and Givernay instead of Gheevernay!

  4. That was a great travel experience without the fatiguing and expensive travel. I was going to fuss about a destination in Turkey being included in the list, given that my old geography learning placed it in Western Asia, but it seems that it is now considered a "Eurasian" country, straddling the two continents. I'd still place it in Asia, not in Europe or the Middle East, given its continuing affinity for strongman leader types and its modern history of aggression against a European nation (Greece, with the occupation of Cyprus) and Middle Eastern ethnic groups (like the Kurds), but that's more politics than physical place. Perhaps Turkey is just lagging a half-century or so behind its fellow European countries. Anyway, a delightful video, narrated by someone who should be doing a lot more of them for Taltanic.

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