40 Replies to “90’s Kids Family trips | Stand-up comedy by Mervyn Rozz”

  1. those who are getting offended in GOT one… you should not watch standup comedy then.. he only made one while thr other on Tv makes hundreds of them so SHUT UP no one is listening to you..

    btw i like his south accent reminds me of my school

  2. For all people saying the game of thrones comment is wrong.. then y did u watch game of thrones? Otha ungaluku oru nyayam.. avanuku oru nyayama?😂
    For all of u.. stand ups arent ur cup of tea.. or coffee or whatever…

  3. You really shouldn't have said something that offensive dude( referring to the game of thrones comment) think about it, if someone said exact same thing to you and your sister, wouldn't you lose it?

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